Acronym’s iPad Bag costs basically as much as an iPad, and when I first saw it, I thought that maybe you got the iPad, and the bag came for free. Wrong, but that could be a cool partnership. The Acronoym Circdiscover iPad Bag has a swivel design that’s so ingenious. You’ll want this if you love your iPad, without a doubt, using it while you’re standing on the street corner, in line, or meandering through the park (but just make sure the area’s clear of iPad bandits).

Here’s the thing: this bag, available at, is currently sold out. I want it; you probably want it, too. Let’s hope they restock, because this bag can be slung on your back when you don’t need it, and then hovered in front of your chest, in multiple different positioning options, for the best angles. Havenshop describes its usefulness as such: “Shift freely between horizontal and vertical modes; tec sys webbing allows further customization.” It should say “Go jogging. Use your iPad,” because seeing how this bag works makes me wants to really test its capabilities. The Acronym iPad bag can also hold a Moleskine XL Soft Notebook, although that seems less exciting. [via acquire]