Remember when the Origins of Lights sunglasses were sold out all over, and I managed to finally hunt them down? Now Oki-Ni has the Chronicles of Never sunglasses in the tortoiseshell frames that were pretty hard to locate before, plus an excellent pair of boots from Boris Bidjan to add to the mix. Neither are cheap, but both I covet immensely. Quality is king; you’ll have to be ready to pay for it.

The Boris Bidjan Saberi Ankle Boots are one of the best examples of investing in quality, considering they top $1,500 and look amazing with a curved sole and artfully-mussed cowhide leather. When boots look this intriguing without a foot in them, you know they look show-stoppingly good while worn. I was staring at the pics of these ankle boots and wondering what makes them look so nice: I guess that’s premium-quality material for you. Made in Spain from oil-tumbled leather, these boots have an oversized zipper and a tattered heel tab. I squealed a little when I saw the hammered sole and topsy-turvy appeal, but I’d have to really save up to get these for someone. What’s your shoe investment cutoff? [boots are $1,690.00 at oki-ni; glasses are $447]