QUAMTA’s going to offer some pieces this fall that will suit a select number of leather lovers. Their looks aren’t for everybody, but the nifty pouches and zipped holders could help you stay more organized. Billfolds, wallets, and coin pouches are all represented in the QUAMTA collection. Exotic leathers are exactly what you’d expect from a South Africa-based label, and they don’t disappoint: ostrich and python are included in the offerings. There’s a stunning wallet in dark brown and a neat round coin holder in tan, with other notable pieces mixing colors a bit more for pep. The black leather has an impressive sheen, and the texture truly shows up well.

The piece shown below definitely evokes the ’80s, with the use of pieced and textured leathers. They remind me of one of the most vile of thrift store/charity shop finds, the patchwork leather jacket (circa 1987), but they narrowly miss being fug. The leather’s toned-down and looks fairly clean and simple; the patchwork detailing is done in a way that appears a tad kitschy, that’s all. Of course, superior craftsmanship and a tradition of quality leather work add more appeal to the leather accessories, available this fall. [via hypebeast]