On the right snappy dresser, these pink-soled shoes could be out of this world. Jil Sander’s bright Memphis 999 shoes are pictured here in black and vivid pink, admittedly not everyone’s go-to colorway, but still a pick that isn’t without merit. Think pop art, avant garde, fresh designers, street art, London, funky suits, and conversation-worthy hats, and your mind will start whirling with styling options.

The Jil Sander’s Memphis 999 shoe is a sight to behold, with its thin laces and generally formal shape… plus pink! Oki-Ni describes these must-look shoes:

“Bringing a classic shoe kicking-and-screaming into the present, this shoe epitomises Jil Sander’s blend of refined shapes with vivid pop colours. The real stand-out feature of the shoe, however, is the dazzling fluorescent pink sole, which is covered in shiny patent leather except at the heel.”

These shoes are made in Italy and come with a dust bag. They’ve already been cleaned out of UK size 9 at Oki-Ni, so you’re now limited to UK sizes 6, 7, 8, 10, and 11. At the back portion of the heel, you’ll see a touch of rubber and “Jil Sander” stamped across. I imagine these are quite hypnotic when you are on the move. [$842 at oki-ni]