It’s almost never that we’d feature a bar of soap here. But when the bar of soap in question is from style master Tom Ford, well, attention must be paid. You’re probably just fine with the three-pack of Zest you have now, but it’s perfectly normal to wonder how you might smell and how you might feel after a long, hot shower with the Tom Ford designer bar soap.

Wrapped in turquoise tissue with a gold label, the soap is a hard-milled type, embossed with the Tom Ford logo and cleanses the skin with a creamy lather.

Details of the soap reveals that it enriches the skin with olive fruit oil, grapeseed oil and date seed extract, ingredients indigenous to the Mediterranean, to leave skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

That does sound quite lovely. One wash, and I’m sure the feeling is like you’re standing in an expensive robe on a balcony overlooking the French Riviera, with an evening of expensive, hedonistic pleasure ahead.

Or something like that.

At £25 ($35 bucks) for a 155 gram bar, the Tom Ford soap is expensive. But if you find yourself shopping for Tom Ford soap it’s safe to assume you know you’re going to be paying top dollar. The soap is part of a larger line of Tom Ford grooming products, from body scrubs and after shave to colognes and shower gel. [via finer cut]