This padded leather case from +Beryll has me captivated–that’s some great sheen on the “metal” version. Also available in black, the Adam bag is intended for the iPad or a laptop, with dimensions of 15.75″ x 12″. Handcrafted in Los Angeles by “good people”–Beryll’s little tag line–the bag features an original edge on the flap that gives it an artistic, creative feel. It’s not just the shape and color that makes the bag very buyable, but the fact that it’s unisex. Does anyone you know have an iPad and a very ugly holder for it? Get this.

+Beryll describes the case:

“The front flap folds over as the leather is kept in the original shape of each skin’s edge and remains unique, no two are alike. Small convenient pockets inside and outside allow extra storage for secret information not to divulge, the precious luxury feel of the rough out suede inside is elegantly met by the hand finishing touches on the outside.”

All of Sigmar Berg’s +Beryll pieces are built to last. Being leather, they age well with the right treatment and withstand regular, serious use. Will the Adam Bag be yours? [starts at $475, soon to be stocked at beryll this month]