Screenshot from the video, shown here.

Girl with Curves‘ Tanesha Awasthi is a curvy style star to watch — and she’s looking lovely in the recent Refinery29 photoshoot preview, we might add. We’re glad to add Tanesha to our must-read list: she adds depth to daily style blogs on Tumblr with a great variety of thrifted and low-cost pieces, plus plenty of color. She’s curvy, she’s fun, and she’s going places. We first noticed her getting mentions on Carmakoma’s blog months back, but she headed for the big leagues with mentions in Marie Claire and now Refinery29 — plus a coveted trip on the Tumblr-sponsored NYFW excursion this fall.

In a sponsor-crazed blogging environment, it’s nice to see someone grow their blog from the ground up and get attention because they simply enjoy what they do, not because they’re desperate to shill. A look at Tanesha’s FAQs shows that she hurt her knee in the past, gave up running, and learned to appreciate a curvier frame — and she definitely did, from the looks of her bold daily style snaps and media appearances.

Tanesha’s daily pics stand out from many style blogs because she gets it right so often. She understands her shape and what flatters her, but she still takes risks and gets away with all of them. When you have the goods to back the swagger, why not? Girl with Curves has given me some tips on dressing a similar frame, and judging from the comments, she’s helping out a great deal of other style-conscious ladies. Now all I want to see is her inspiration board… it must be chock-full of so much good stuff.

Refinery29 today, next… who knows? We know she has a big-shot agent and plenty of talent, so this is one curvy blogger to watch. If you haven’t seen her blog yet, check it out now.