Chloe Canvas Wedge Ankle Boots via Highsnobette

There’s a lot of bookmarking going on here at StyleCrave, and that includes pieces for the ladies. We’re looking at buttery ankle boots in the whirlwind of spring fashion that we’ll sadly be unable to wear until the next warm spell. With this sad news in mind, we’re gravitating towards some very fashionable booties that do have a link to fashion week after all — Surface to Air’s two pairs, shown after the jump, were on display during the New York shows and are the type of dream booties that we sincerely hope to buy this F/W 2011-12.

But first, these canvas-and-leather ones on display. Let’s say that the care factor for suede might be a little much for you, and if it is? We have solutions. Chloe’s Canvas and Leather Booties have a rugged sock of brown leather, which is then set off by a fine tan canvas. A foldover, chunky flap basically begs us to look for trim silhouettes to complement the shoes’ more substantial look. These are not slim-and-trim booties, friends.

As for the pairs highlighted on the bottom, which were on display at Surface to Air? They have that buttery suede factor we were talking about, and they are tempting us with their somewhat intimidating urban air. Red looks more walkable than the tan, which means that we are imagining wearing one to commute and one at the party itself. At least it justifies buying both pairs! If you have embraced fresh style and are going for wider-leg pants, you’ll enjoy the particular toe box peeking out. Lovely! They would be awesome with a cape, a super-long soft scarf, and a thin dropped-waist sweater dress — huzzah.

Surface to Air Booties (Neo Buckle Boots, $500; Alley Ankle, $485) via The Cut. (Photos by Melissa Hom)