Lady Gaga is back with the release of the second fashion video for her latest single “Yoü and I”.

The short clip, known as “Haus of Ü ft. Bride,” debuted online Wednesday (9-14) and is the second in a series of six videos by Dutch design team Inez and Vinoodh. Each of the six films will spotlight one of Gaga’s fun characters from the original ‘You And I’ video – including her male alter ego, Jo Calderone.

Check out the new Lady Gaga video below!

Gaga touted the video release of “Bride” on Twitter Tuesday night:

Haus of Ü presents another Yoü and I FASHION FILM By. INEZ+VINOODH in 30 minutes! “THE BRIDE.”

Get ready little monsters! Its a good one!

In the black and white video, Gaga rubs her boobs with a metallic, robotic hand and wipes dirt all over her body. There’s a big hat, then this wig she tears off and, to top it off, a stupid black bar is stretched across the screen covering her breasts so we really cannot see anything. And then the robotic arm thing again. And hey, the song is pretty damn good!

I guess this is fashion-y, in a Lady Gaga sort of way. I applaud the cool simplicity of the video, but if there is a theme I am not getting it. It’s all very confusing.

Who is ready for the third installment?!

“You And I” is a track from Gaga’s recent album Born This Way. The first video in the “Yoü And I” series is called “Haus of U feat. Nymph.”