Brown leather can get sweaty, ratty, or stained, and while a watch with a brown band is a wardrobe necessity, it needs to have its darker, handsome cousin around — the all-black watch. A black band and a black face aren’t groundbreaking, but if it gets a fresh new look (see above), then you’re on the right track. A brilliant watch, black or otherwise, should be worn more than one way, and this one can be wrapped, rolled, and wound with the best of them (although it’s probably leading the pack, anyway).

This particular watch sold out at Revolve, but it is still available at Oak. May we suggest a few styling options for you? Because if we don’t own it, we’re still going to mentally match it up with a fair deal of what’s already in our (imaginary) closets:

  • We’re pairing this with a slim-cut business shirt, worn after work, with heavy boots come cooler weather.
  • And then… we’re taking a leather wrist wrap and keeping the face pointed in — more of a bracelet that moonlights as a timepiece than anything else.
  • Now we’re thinking that this black watch would look gangbusters with, well, all-black. Surely you’ll go for that during fall, and if you do? This is the watch.
  • Lastly, we wouldn’t be adverse to you grabbing a black-and-stainless-steel laptop/tablet case to match.

We’d recommend getting this watch soon, because that stainless steel should have an opportunity to get wrapped around your wrist before temperatures drop and you wonder — what was I thinking? Suffering for fashion can sometimes be worth it, but it is never particularly fun when it involves cold climes. Plus, pulling on heavy gloves with a chunky watch in a hurry doesn’t really work. What’s your take on the black + black watch? [sold out at revolve, but available at oak]