Our usual Oak browsing resulted in a nice cheap-o pair of sunglasses for the man who wrecks everything. I have a couple pairs of sunglasses with sprung pins, but my problem is more with leaving glasses in my bag with my keys and all the extra stuff… and then finding my sunglasses have been scratched or damaged. If I pay $18 for a pair, though, I won’t mind as much. Oak has several cheap pairs on their “New Arrivals” page to suit lots of tastes–check out the “Castro,” also $18!

Then there’s the Surface to Air blazer, a classic piece that you can’t regret buying. The blazer has a simple three-button closure and trim lines, and it’s thankfully 100% cotton. I hate having to sniff out polyester after I like the look of something, and I didn’t have to do that here! Only currently available in sizes small and medium at Oak, this blazer has two slit side pockets and a four-button detail on the cuff. It’s quite elegant, and a good one to have if you are the casual type who’s always looking for something to throw on when it’s time to dine out, dress up, or impress. Surface to Air delivers!
[sunglasses $18; blazer $536 at oak]