A Bathing Ape’s new summer catalog is out! I am intrigued by the cover–they have a gingham-shirted cover model looking fresh and ready to tackle hot weather. Is this shirt too twee, or is it what you look for when combating the summer heat wave? The BAPE catalog for 2011 should be available soon in stores and will include new product lines, news, recaps and more. Featured is the Baby Milo gingham line in blue and white, dotted with designs and looking fresh with denim. Are you in the market for some Bathing Ape bits?

In recent BAPE news, an exclusive Mad Ape Tee was made available only on March 23rd (Wednesday evening) on Us.Bape.com. Going up to 3XL, with Aoyama Store camo coloring, the shirt is now available at Bathing Ape stores. I’m not sure about how much I actually like those tees (the lilac is okay), but it’s a good chance to get your hands on something for BAPE fans and limited-edition lovers. Keep your eye on A Bathing Ape, because there are new shirts and new designs (and a new magazine) all due to drop for your buying pleasure. I’m intrigued and will keep them on my radar. [via hypebeast]