Has anyone out there had their eyes zapped by Lasik, but now they miss the good ol’ days of wearing and choosing glasses? I used to dream of days when I would be glasses-free, but then I find myself looking and bookmarking all the good current eyewear collections for men and women, plus vintage. You can’t have enough vintage! Gant by Michael Bastien eyewear is here, and it’s complemented by all the Gant seasonal looks from the S/S 2011 collection. A little vintage inspiration and a lot of style made Michael Bastien’s collection a covetable addition for casual-clothes lovers and the desk jockey.

The first pair by Gant is a heavy black frame; dare I day the traditional “nerd spec” we used to avoid as kids? Well, they are back and much improved, and you just know that these heavy frames will take a beating. For something that still takes cues from yesteryear, but that has a lighter frame with a different face-flattering effect, you can check out the tortoiseshell frames with an aviator bend. They are thick, but not too thick, and if you’re a hardcore aviator lover for sunglasses, you can get the clear stuff with a similar silhouette. Gant by Michael Bastien pulls off a great eyewear collection for S/S 2011. [via acquire]