Another Mr. Hare King Tubby shoe to stare at on Oki-Ni, just in time for S/S 2011 lounging. The King Tubby from Mr. Hare has gone through a few adjustments since the beginning of the year, with a switched-up silhouette to make them more “creeperish,” as Hare himself put it. They are slightly higher and have extra durability built in in the way of a rubber heel insert. Salmon skin uppers are glossy and luxurious, notes Hare, saying that they “look like a million bucks.”

There’s nothing nicer than a fresh spring shirt on an actually warm day, and for some of us, that weather is still only getting there. Oki-Ni’s Band of Outsiders Flag Shirt in blue has a fun, nostalgic pattern and short turn-up sleeves, but it’s not boxy like many of the novelty shirts we’ve seen. Whether or not you want to wear it with fishskin shoes like the King Tubby is up to you, but keep in mind that this is the type of shirt that could end up a signature summer piece by the end of the season. Considering its price, it deserves to be. I think it’d go nicely with something in canvas. [$740 for Mr. Hares, $949 for Band of Outsiders Flag Shirt]