Here’s another set of premium denim for the ogling, this time in a collaboration that’ll leave you hoping for a couple more collections of less limited-edition pieces (so you can stock up, naturally). Naked & Famous got together with Big John for a nice take on classic, stiff indigo without the distractions. Big John was the first premium denim brand in Japan and has been stocking closets for over 70 years. Want that tag as a collector’s piece, too!

Barneys will be stocking these jeans in extremely limited quantities, so try to keep your wits about you if you’re a common size that sells out first. Only 377 of these Big John and Naked & Famous jeans have been made, and they were produced in the oldest mill, located in Kurabo. Big John’s details include special button-fly buttons with “BIG JOHN” stamped across the front–pity these couldn’t be more visible–and a deer skin patch embossed with the Big John Americana imagery. Take good care of these jeans: don’t wash them for as long as you can stand, and stay away from white walls with dark washes. I’ve killed my bar wall with indigo knee-prints from jeans this dark. [via denim geek]