Just because you’re Kanye West doesn’t mean you can just waltz into any runway show at Paris Fashion Week. The rap star was reportedly given the red light at several runway shows after turning up uninvited.

Though West did enjoy catwalk action at the Valentino, Givenchy and Vivienne Westwood shows, it seems certain designers are leaving his name off the list.

According to the New York Post’s Page Six, organizers are getting tired of uninvited celebrities showing up and expecting royal treatment. West was not invited to Alexander McQueen, Balmain and Louis Vuitton, the New York Post reported.

“Mr. West requested to attend, and we let him know we would not be able to accommodate him. He chose to come to the door anyway, and we kindly let him know we could not accommodate him,” a rep for Balmain show organizer KCD said.

The New York Post noted that on Tuesday, West tried to get into the McQueen show. “He did not make a request to attend, but he came uninvited,” said the rep for KCD, which also ran the McQueen show. West was eventually let in through a side entrance by “venue management, not through the front door,” the rep said.

The KCD rep told the New York Post: “Kanye has been a welcome guest at several events that KCD has managed over the years. Several designers chose to have smaller shows this season and therefore chose to not invite celebs in order to accommodate press and buyers.”

There might be more to the story; maybe West pissed off the wrong fashion-important person. Or who knows what. But usually a celebrity of West’s ilk gets ease of entrance to such fashionable events. So even though it’s a mostly trivial issue, there’s a smidgen of gratification to see a celebrity get a bit of denial thrown into their daily schedule.

No word from West, who is probably busy writing a scathing rap song about the whole Paris ordeal.