The classic, scholarly frames associated with the new Oliver Peoples Vintage collection are quite terrific. It was founder/creative director Larry Leight who decided to explore the archives of Oliver Peoples and rediscover these modern classics. Leight selected three, notable styles, and even called upon the original Japanese factory that first produced them to give the specs its original craftsmanship.

Priced between $350-$395, the three styles are the OP-505, from the brand’s 1987 debut collection made famous by its metal temple and bridge detailing; the OP-1955, known for its frame colors; and the O’Malley, inspired by former LA Dodgers President, Peter O’Malley. We should thank the numerous family and friends of Leight’s who kept asking the company’s chief designer to explore his personal archive of original designs.

“It was important to me that we visually re-introduce these brand defining styles in a fitting and appropriate environment,” writes Leight on the ultra-cool Oliver Peoples Vintage website.

If it was cool then it surely is going to be cool now. And the new collection of the classic styles are top shelf. The Oliver Peoples Vintage collection is available at Oliver Peoples flagships throughout the country. [via joe's daily]