Say what you will about Charlie Sheen, but the wild media circus the 45-year-old actor has sustained with Herculean strength (and countless packs of cigarettes) these past few weeks has been entertaining – for better or worse. The guy might actually be losing his mind at the moment, but let’s jump off the crazy train for a second to celebrate Sheen’s personal style.

We gaze onto Sheen and celebrate his style, both before and after becoming the ‘Messiah of Malibu,’ the ‘Condor of Calabasas’ and whatever loopy spirit that has invaded his body in the last 5 minutes.

He might be all about machete-waving and tiger’s blood these days, but the guy has good hair. Fact.

My favorite Sheen style was definitely his role as Bud Fox in Wall Street. Sure, it was Michael Douglas with the slick-backed, Pat Reily-esque hair that got the attention – and the Oscar -, but I though Sheen’s Bud Fox was kick-ass. Maybe it was the character, but once the upstart Wall Street guy got some money, he was looking nails.

Beyond that, it’s mostly hit or miss. I guess he was looking well-groomed on Two and a Half Men, but what I know of that show is based totally on TV ads.

Check out Charlie Sheen’s ‘winning’ style below!