There’s a part of me that would have loved to have been a boxer. Having been punched once as a youngster and not liking it (at all), I knew my dreams of boxing stardom had to settle for repeat viewings of Rocky and Raging Bull. But these awesome, custom hoodie bathrobes from the Vancouver-based wings + horns have me ready for the ring!

Designed exclusively for Ace Hotel upon its debut in New York City back in 2009, the Wings + Horns robes ($150) are a blend of old-style boxing robe – a nod to the Ace NYC building’s boxing history – and a modern-day hooded sweatshirt. They’re made from super comfortable french terry in Boulder Grey with two front pockets and a big hood with a custom Ace x w+h label. If it means booking a room in an Ace Hotel (New York, Palm Springs, Seattle or Portland -FYI), to test out one of these classic-looking and surely ultra-soft robes then so be it.

I’m guessing the word ‘comfy’ doesn’t even begin to describe how nice it must be to slide into one of these terrycloth beauties. You throw in some decent slippers, and I am going to be what’s known as ‘set.’ Totally worth the $150. [via the style raconteur]