The John Galliano story takes a new turn, and not one for the better. Fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg has gone on record about Galliano’s anti-Semitic remarks, which got the designer fired from Christian Dior and is facing criminal charges in France. The Huffington Post points us to Von Furstenberg’s conversation with Gayle King on her radio show. Von Furstenberg had some interesting things to tell Oprah’s best friend about the Galliano scandal.

“As the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, I find what he said was absolutely unacceptable,” said Von Furstenberg. “Having said that, I think he was provoked and he was clearly not in a normal state.”

Right, he was in an anti-semetic state. That’s the problem.

Anyway, asked if Dior should have fired the designer, Von Furstenberg bailed out by saying, “That’s not for me to say.” Way to take a stand Diane!

A video was made public which showed Galliano praising Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in another drunken bar rant, prompting claims the designer is anti-Jew. But how could that be?! Look, having sympathy for the messed up designer isn’t a problem (he clearly needs help), but taking the fifth on the question of whether or not Dior should have fired Galliano is sad for Von Furstenberg. She should say what she feels.

Watch the video here!