The answer of “It’s a Joe DiMaggio” has a nice ring to it if the question were ever posed: “Who are you wearing?” UPI reports that the estate of baseball icon Joe DiMaggio signed a deal that puts the New York Yankee legend’s name and likeness on new merchandise to launch next year. The designs will center on the upcoming 70th Anniversary of DiMaggio’s 56 game hitting streak.

A 13-time All Star and 9-time world series champion, the “Yankee Clipper” was also married to Marilyn Monroe, which only helped cement his superstar status in sports and pop culture. The first wave of merchandise includes bats and T-shirts, but look for men’s clothing and accessories down the line.

“Joe’s style, grace and elegance transcended sports,” said Elizabeth Kanna of Dominant Players, a California-based firm hired to devise the branding strategy for the effort. Kanna said the deal was worth “millions and millions” but declined to be more specific, saying it was too early in the game.

“What Joe DiMaggio stood for is as relevant now as it was then,” Kanna said, citing “his athleticism, his romanticism, his teamwork, winning and doing the right thing.”

Some of the merchandise will target men in their 20s, hoping young consumers will gravitate to the superstar athlete/personality brand – even if “Joltin’ Joe” retired from baseball in 1951. DiMaggio died in 1999. Check out some great photos of Joe DiMaggio below!