I couldn’t help but laugh when I flipped through Matthew Miller’s F/W 2011-12 looks. Some are almost enchanting because of their outrageous nature, like the beige-colored cloak with a carabiner clasp and unexpected cutouts shown post-jump. Would someone actually wear this? I can imagine admiring a cloak like that if it were worn without the belt, maybe with boots and a well-cut trouser… maybe. Some of the more wearable pieces in Miller’s F/W 2011-12 collection were toggle-style coats (again with carabiner closures), a very clean jacket with patch pockets, a royal blue coat, and floods.

What’s the aim behind the collection? Miller’s work focuses on the needs and role of the contemporary man, and this collection addresses masculinity and the modern world. Fabrics and materials used in the collection are all heavyweight and of the highest quality.

My favorite part of the collection has to be the walls behind, however. What an intelligent shade to make everything explode off the screen. Maybe it’s just because I was reading about Diana Vreeland’s love affair with bright colors, but this particular shade has me hooked. My eyes are bouncing back between the looks, some questionable, some inspirational, and the bright background. [via hypebeast]