Have a taste for the natural side of fashion, possibly things that evoke memories or even daydreams of moss, trees, foliage? If you’re a hiker, then you can probably relate, and if you’re not? You can connect if you’re a dreamer in the city and drawn to the parks instead of your apartment. John Rocha’s F/W 2011-12 collection looks like a good find for the office type with an out-there job that still requires some formality–or just someone who wants to shake things up. An acquired taste, definitely, and I find myself gravitating towards the one look highlighted above sans fur–it looks so clean!

John Rocha’s most innovative look is the fur-covered coat with little black tendrils from the shoulders to halfway down. Another double-breasted version goes for contrast with tan-colored fur just along the collar instead of blanketing the body, and yet another sticks to black. If you have a beard, I would recommend keeping away from all that fur by your neck and face–the effect will be too comical. John Rocha paired his suits with flashy dress shoes and boots that would be wonderful to whisk away from the runway and pop on with denim, dark denim. [via modeman]