Direct from S.E.H Kelly, their first garment of the year is a lovely, three-button unstructured blazer with drop shoulder. Ideal for spring and summer, the lightweight slate grey blazer is made from 11-wale horizontal needle-cord, which is 100% cotton for extra (extra!) comfort.

It’s a short body blazer, with an unstructured fit, drop shoulders and features a step collar and three regular buttons, plus another small button and loop on the lapels for under-collar fastening. When you have people who know what they are doing with fashion design, this is the sort of killer blazer you end up with.

Crossways complexion aside, the cord used in the jacket is the same quality used for S.E.H Kelly’s over-shirts and trousers: light, 11-wale, crisp nap and pleasingly soft, brushed reverse. The blazer is going to fit you true to the marked size.

Inside are jet pockets, both with button and loop closure. The step collar (or notch lapel) is cord on both sides, so may be worn up or down. It just looks comfortable!; the fabric has a cut-pile weave construction, with soft nap. The light matte tortoiseshell buttons are real horn, made in the Midlands region of the British Isles. [via swipelife]