Brixton’s hats are ready to be bought and top your latest as soon as it really stops being wintry out. Spring is…almost…here, and we’re looking for hats to match the happy mood we’re in about the winter being almost over. The Brixton Grand hat is one of our favorites, with a finer woven straw and a vintage fit. It’s a fedora, yes, but it has an elegant appearance to it–I think it’s the color–that makes it veer away from obnoxious and back into classic territory. I loathe what happened to the noble fedora, I do.

If you want to stay away from it, however, there are other options at Brixton right now. The site has a pork pie “Drifter” hat with a thick straw body and a little spotted feather poking out of the grosgrain. Caps are also well-represented on Brixton, including the Brood, Spoke, Fiddler, and Bridge, all of which have a paneled design but fit the head with varying degrees of volume. I’m willing to try any hat if it’s well-constructed, and the price also happens to be right this season–caps are $30 and the fedora & pork pies are $40+. Sometimes a hat is an actual necessity; make sure you’ve got at least one. [at brixton, via acquire]