Don’t look now, but the 2011 Academy Awards are but a few days away. So what better time for the Esquire fashion editors to unveil their Style Oscar Winners. And as much as the team were drawn to the sartorial style of a Vincent Cassel or Ryan Gosling, there was no denying their love for the dashing Colin Firth and the exquisitely tailored suits he wore in the critically praised  The King’s Speech.

But did Firth ultimately nab the award for Best (Dressed) Actor? No! No sir! It’s Johhny Depp in Alice in Wonderland for the win.

Other winners among the 11 style categories include Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception) for Best (Dressed) Supporting Actor and Michael Douglas (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps) for Achievement In Hair.

King’s Speech did manage to win Best (Dressed) Picture, so we’ll see if this is a precursor to the film winning the actual Oscar for Costume Design, not too mention the other 11 other nominations – including Best Picture.

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