I’m not here to say there’s anything wrong with toting your lunch to work in the traditional brown paper bag. But this excellent Artifact Lunch Bag ($65) will provide that chicken salad sandwich on wheat with a much more stylish entrance at the office lunch table.

The Artifact Lunch Bag measures 13.5 x 8.5 x 5 inches (h x l x w), making for plenty of room for all of your favorite lunch foods. Handmade in a Omaha, Nebraska workshop, the reusable lunch tote is made from rugged waxed canvas with a Horween leather strap, solid copper rivets and double stitching, making it a sturdy design to ensure durability. Eco-friendly and good-looking –  that’s a good mix right there.

Artifact’s handsome spin on the reusable lunch bag could make any executive skip the power lunch in the Grill Room and happily tote their gourmet food into the office.

When thinking about an alternative to the traditional brown paper lunch sack, it’s tough not to gravitate towards the simple, elegantly designed Artifact Lunch Bag. For a stylish, rather grow-up looking method of carrying lunch to work, the hand-made Artifact Lunch Bag is just about ideal.

My turkey sandwich on rye and bag of Pringles are going to love me. (via gearculture)