Two things to point out about the Louis Vuitton 4Motion Sunglasses: 1) the cool shades feature four adjustable points, which means the temples can be manually shortened or lengthened to fit individual face shape.

The nose piece is adjustable and the height of the 4Motion frames can be raised or lowered. 2) the four pairs of the 4Motion cool shades cost between $640 to $720. Ah, French fashion.

The 4Motion line of shades consists of sunglasses specially designed for both water and snow sports; this is where the adjustable frame is so key. But you will still look cool as hell even if you aren’t charging down the slopes, or riding big waves.

Similar in design to the once ubiquitous, though still popular, Oakely sunglasses, LV’s 4Motion sunglasses are available in four models, each developed for a specific sport. ‘Air’ has been designed for winter sports, ‘Fire’ for extreme sports, ‘Earth’ for outdoor activities and ‘Water’ for water sports. Any of the four will work just fine if your plan is to do none of those strenuous activities and just want to look cool.