This past Friday brought with it the much-anticipated release of the new Radiohead album, The King of Limbs. If we can table our intense discussion about Radiohead’s return for a moment, let’s applaud Thom Yorke on the wicked bowler hat he’s presently rockin.’

Yorke’s bowler is featured prominently in the new Radiohead video for the song “Lotus Flower,” also released Friday.
A quick back-story on the bowler:  The bowler hat was created in 1850 for an English game warden. It was intended as a riding hat that he could count on for hard hat protection as he rode his horse looking out for poachers.
And from there to Thom Yorke we have witnessed a great timeline of bowler hats throughout history.

Directed by Garth Jennings, the Radiohead video presents Yorke dancing around rather humorously dressed in a white shirt, canvas sneakers, rolled-up jeans and said bowler hat. It’s quite terrific. Does this mean the bowler hat is back? Was it ever gone?

Either way, Thom Yorke is making it work! Watch the video below and also check out a few photos of other notable, bowler hat-wearing folks.