French high-end retailer Façonnable is launching a new, high-end line of jeans. Façonnable Jeans are said to be inspired by the relaxed lifestyle of the Côte d’Azur, which is a very high-end way to market these stylish jeans.

Drawing on 50 years of tailoring expertise, Façonnable’s design team applied the same rigorous production values to items destined for time away from the office. From patchwork cotton shirts to Japanese chambray, Jeans is a collection that feels as good as it looks. The new jeans features refined stitching, superb fibers and distinguished fabrics. When it comes to denim, pre-washing and hand finishing guarantee a soft touch and a unique patina.

Top fashion editors recently descended on the Façonnable Jeans showroom in New York City to toast the presentation of the new brand. It’s an endeavor targeting a younger and more forward conscious consumer, a key part of the Façonnable brand expansion.

The truth is they do look rather comfortable and should compliment your relaxed lifestyle, even if that doesn’t include the Côte d’Azur. The new collection of jeans features fine materials and hand finishing that guarantees a soft feel; just the type refined details one would expect from the luxury brand. (via luxist)