The trend for menswear to look back toward the fifties and sixties has manifested itself not only in vintage-inspired menswear, but has extended to a demand for the original clothing itself. People aren’t looking for something that looks like it came from the 1960s, they want the sport coat that hung on the back of a chair in the Oak Room during the Bay of Pigs fiasco. This demand for history in a piece of clothing is stymied by the fact that there is a limited supply of stock and that finding items in good condition can be very difficult. If you thought Etsy was only for hand-made jewelry and knit caps, think again. Menswear aficionado, Zachary DeLuca’s new Etsy store, Newton Street Vintage opens the door to a whole new era in shopping for vintage menswear.

DeLuca was recently featured in the blog, Ivy-Style, a publication devoted to traditional and mid-century American style fashion. Having written for this and a number of other fashion publications in the past, DeLuca seems to know his craft and has a definite and consistent aesthetic. He describes his store as follows:

Newton Street Vintage specializes in tailored clothing and accessories for men. Its primary focus is mid-century collegiate style and Americana, with the occasional nod to Savile Row. We strive to curate the most desirable, highest quality vintage collection available and ensure that all items sold are in excellent condition.While we believe that true vintage clothing is of pre-1970 provenance, we do include in the collection items of more recent origin that fit our style, such as Brooks Brothers and J.Press from the ’70s and ’80s. All items are priced according to age, rarity and condition. We source clothing constantly, with new items added weekly.

Indeed, you can find shirts, ties, suits, and jackets on the site, all with descriptions that may or may not make perfect sense to you, depending on your level of knowledge. (I sheepishly admit that I have no idea what “rolled to the middle button” means on a 3-button seersucker jacket). But what I find most amenable about the descriptions is the attention to detail when it comes to the condition of each item. DeLuca seems to have a more critical eye than most vintage sellers and definitely knows the lingo for those of you more sartorially versed.

Vintage fashion for men online is a movement I can really get behind. Female fashion has been doing it for years. In this writer’s humble opinion, a proper wardrobe is a thoughtful and strategic mix of vintage and new fashions, and I think you’d be surprised how much flavor something as simple as a pocket square or a tie clasp can give a more contemporary look. Besides, this world needs more guys who look like Don Draper walking the street…