Let the summer shoe-drooling commence. The Nike Zoom is presented with a Maharam collaboration to bring you an new, lightweight shoe body that’s an easy pick for linen and cotton. It’s really hard to match 100% linen pants with any sneaker-type shoe, but with these, I can see it. Maharam’s a textile company in New York, so they brought the textured upper to the Nike body in linen, horsehair, and leather touches. Gorgeous, heat-friendly, and superbly stitched for the serious buyer.

You don’t have to live in Miami or Malibu to find the most use out of these. The naturally-colored upper is an easy combination with well-worn denim (I’m picturing Levi’s that have bleached themselves out at the knee and thigh), boating-type longer shorts, paper-thin tees, or a vintage maroon sweater. The uppers don’t strike me as high-maintenance, instead appearing casual, packable for travel, creative, and comfortable.

Nike will be releasing the Zoom Tennis Classics through a select set of stockists, and they are tempting. What did not tempt me was the Dunk High Premium collab with Maharam, which you can see here. This look fails where the Nike Zoom has excelled, looking fussy, unusual, and slightly silly. [via acquire]