Yacht enthusiasts, rejoice, and not only because you make enough money to be a yacht enthusiast. The Aviation and Superyacht division of Pure-Sang, in cooperation with Glass-Deco International, introduced its latest luxury vehicle, The Beluga: Emperor of the Seven Seas, at last month’s Monaco boat show, where it won the title of “Best New Super Yacht Concept.”

Designed under the supervision of Will Erens, The Beluga is a marvel, with a distinctive appearance that is at once organic and futuristic. It features a prominent front deck, complete with bar and swimming pool, making it perfect for entertaining guests.

It certainly got the impression of the yachting community; the company is in talks with a major Dutch manufacturer to produce the model. However, unless you’ve recently inherited a fortune or started the next Facebook, good luck coughing up the $200 million  will cost you.

Check out the images below if you’re not convinced.