There is a revolution of sorts under way.  Girdles, lifters, shapers and padding are moving mainstream for men. Body sculpting undergarments designed to support your core, shave inches off your belly, enhance your posture and “increase your profile” are the new must have for today’s male. The New York Times reports that shapewear for men are selling out in department stores from Nordstrom to Neimans with additional brisk sales online.

Toning Tees

Get ready to tame those man boobs and reign in that beer belly.  “Spanx for Men” have come out with compression T-shirts that turn your flab into fab abs and reshape your moobs into rock solid pecs.  These “guy girdles” are offered in three styles including a crew-cut tee, a V-neck, and a tank top, and retail for about $60 each.

Spare Tire Tamer

Looking to get a handle on your love handles? Andrew Christian has designed underpants just for you.  These miracle briefs reign in that spare tire, giving you sought after V-shape definition.  Their ActiveSlim Brief features a seven inch-wide waistband that reduces your waistline up to 2 inches. BONUS: These slimming briefs also feature something called “Show-It Technology 2.0″: a profile-boosting pouch with a hidden “comfy cup” that lifts your package to the front. The horseshoe shaped inner cup is lined by soft elastic that gently lifts you forward and adds up to 1.5 inches to frontal measurements.

More Junk for Your Trunk

The booty boosters over at Bubbles Bodywear realize women aren’t the only ones who worry about pancake butt. While there are a few companies offering  padded panties for men, their BoyBubbles line promises to “take your gluteus to the maximus” with realistic shaping briefs. According to BoyBubbles, the secret is the unique patent-pending hidden interior pad pockets, designed so no one will know that there’s padding inside (even if someone sees you only in your skivvies).

When You Need a Little Lift

If you are looking to pull things front and center, I suggest looking into a bulge boosting enhancer.  Slings from Joe Snyder come in three colors, and help “lift your spirits” whether you are in a business suit or swimsuit. Bulge enhancement technology has proved so popular, mainstream manufacturers like Calvin Klein are getting in on the action. The Calvin Klein Body Boost system uses a hidden strap to lifted you up and forward, creating a marked increase in your male profile.

Package Delivery: C.O.D Piece

Back over at BoyBubbles, the “ToolBox” jockstrap promises support and enhancement all in one. The padded jock has 1 inch thick padding for a “round and strong” silhouette.

Proceed With Caution

While all this shaping technology may seem like a godsend, underhanded undergarments do have a downside.  There is a certain “back to reality” pitfall that women in padded bras and girdled booties have been dealing with for years.  It’s all good until you strip down to your birthday suit,  when that careful packaged Adonis oozes back to stay-puff marshmallow man territory.