Gillette Fusion Razor

The Gillette Fusion Chrome Series Power Razor is shaped like one of those crappy disposable razors, but this chrome beauty is anything but. Check out this hype from Gillette about this great battery powered shaving tool– when you press the button on the handle you get “gentle micro-pulses” that help “reduce friction and increase razor glide”.

What’s really cool about this is the fact that the Fusion has a built-in spotlight to help you spot problem areas under the chin and jaw line so you won’t miss a spot. Gillette says this makes “every stroke count” but we aren’t touching that with a ten foot pole. The razor is made with polished chrome, wrapped in a matte black thermo-resin hand grip.

There’s the deluxe model (picture above) selling for $150 (the one in chrome) but there is a stripped-down (but still electric with those micro-pulses) also available for those who don’t care about shiny chrome finishes which you can buy for $26.99