Drop-dead gorgeous Russian model Natasha Poly jumps in front of Alex Cayley’s lens for the April edition of fashion magazine Numero Tokyo. With a low-key, but highly effective styling job by Mika Mizutani, Poly is truly ravishing in the photos – with just enough breast action to keep you happy for the rest of the week (or perhaps month); that’s correct, a photo or two shall be considered NSFW. And that’s a damn shame!

The beautiful Poly is the epitome of seduction in these photographs; she’s also firing off a few amorous stares that could burn a hole in your heart. There’s a definite, ‘something naughty went down last night and now it’s the morning, and I better be on my way’ vibe happening with this shot sequence. And with that, let the daydreaming commence. Check out the images of Poly in the gallery below.