I’ve had dreams that resemble this seductive photo-shoot featuring Sophie Srej and Melo Dagault. Produced for a Tank spread, photographer Satoshi Saikusa constructs an engaging, late night tableau of beauty and sin – a world inhabited only by sexy models in various stages of undress. It’s as if Saikusa crept into my mind and somehow stole my erotic fantasies!

Styled expertly by Yasmin Eslami in all sorts of pricey lingerie, there’s a juicy story happening between Srej and Dagault; just a couple of gals hanging out in the semi-nude in a nicely-decorated house. Let the hi-jinks ensue! All, pent-up sexual energy aside, these really are a series of fine images by Saikusa. A couple snaps are – gasp! – slightly, ever-so slightly nsfw, so keep that in mind as you hit the ‘click to continue’ button to check the gallery.