Some say money can buy anything, but what we have in here is the world’s first watch that money can’t buy unless you’re some sort of a ninja with a black belt wrapped around your waist. Manufactured with Swiss mechanics, the Black Belt Watch honors the 7 virtues associated with the Bushido Code (the “way of the warrior”) and brings back the values of ancient martial arts. It comes with a satin finished and PVD coated case, a steel sandblasted bezel with polished Kanji characters, a kimono inspired dial and elegant hands that resemble a Shinai bamboo sword. Along the same lines, the Black Belt Watch comes with a stylish strap made of processed Alzavel waterproof calfskin and high-tech pierced rubber. Too bad you’ll need an official paper to make you a martial art practitioner, but hey that’s something money can buy, isn’t it? [BlackBelt via TheAwesomer]