Heuer Chronosplit 1

Back in 1975, Heuer took the watch world by storm with the introduction of an innovative combination of an LCD and an LED solid-state quartz watch. With a nod to Ferrari’s super cars of the 70s, the revolutionary Chronosplit range was far from being a cheap alternative to the mechanical movement watches of the time. With two displays (each powered by its own movement) and an Autavia case adding to its sophistication, the Heuer Chronosplit was proudly worn by trend setters of the time, like the infamous Niki Lauda. Although not a Ferrari stamped model, if you’re in the market for one, a full working Heuer Chronosplit model (Ref.102.703 Vintage 1977) is being sold for £2000 (some $3,150 at today’s rate). [via Hodinkee]