Entire Butt English Porter?  We laughed too, until we read the back of the bottle.  “Historically the term used to describe a Porter blended from a variety of ales, ‘Entire Butt’ uses 14 different malts and 3 hops to recreate this forgotten style of Porter.”  We were not laughing, however, when we got a taste of this one.  The Entire Butt English Porter by the Salopian Brewing Company (UK)  is an excellent porter, amongst the top five we’ve tasted– and we’ve tasted a lot of Porters in our day (Porter is this reviewer’s favorite style).

The Entire Butt English Porter (as comped from our friends at the Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club– check them out) poured a deep brown into our pint glass with plenty of head.  To the nose, Entire Butt gave off aromas of toasted malts, nuts and chocolate with a slight hint of berry fruit.  The flavor continued those notes with the same roasted malts, flavors of coffee and chocolate and a medium-bodied finish.  If you drink one, you’ll want more.  Expect to be very selfish with this brew if you find yourself a six pack…  StyleCrave Rating: A