Licher Pilsner Review – It’s about time we sat down with a nice German Pilsner for a beer review.  In our most recent package from Beer of the Month Club, we received a bottle of Licher Pilsner by Licher Privatbrauerei.  This premium pils poured a pale-ish, light yellow into our mug with a thick, fluffy white head.  Like most pilsners, this one had the signature sweet citrus and malt aroma that continued right into the first sip.  The taste starts with a hoppy nibble and continues into a refreshing, clean flavor of citrus and hops, giving the Licher Pilsner a very drinkable quality.  By “drinkable”, we mean the three that came in our package were gone in a heartbeat.  Since Oktoberfest is in full swing, maybe we should head out there to pick up a few more?  StyleCrave Rating: B+