Diamond Bear‘s Presidential IPA arrived in our recent package from the Beer of the Month Club.  While IPA is not our favorite style, we’re always eager to try new things.  This makes our monthly arrival of the beer of the month package like a mini-Christmas, filled with 12 bottles of beers we’ve likely never heard of.  This IPA pours a golden amber with thick, fluffy head and an aroma of sweet malts and citrusy hops.  To the tongue, Presidential IPA has flavors of caramel, toasted malts and citrus that finishes with a spicy, hoppy bitter aftertaste.  Presidential IPA is drinkable, not too pricey for a pack of six, and is well complimented with a lighter meat dish.  Take the lower StyleCrave rating in stride, we tend to avoid IPAs and may not be the best critic of this style.  StyleCrave Rating: C+