Osloh Pants 2

A crew of designers from Brooklyn, NYC, have just revealed a new style of gear for cyclists only– the Osloh Pants. Targeted at fixed gear/urban cyclists, the fresh new Osloh Pants not only provide plenty of utility but a stylish look as well. Available in jeans and trouser varieties, both models inlcude a double-strap cinch on the right leg to prevent that nasty bike chain catch that riders fear. There’s also a padded crotch with a chamois, a tightened waistband, tabs above the rear pocket for a U-lock, a cellphone pocket on the side and a key pocket hidden within. More to it, the Osloh Pants come with a water resistant and anti bacterial coating that makes them odor-resistant. They’ll cost $100 to $130 depending on fabric. [via Likecool]