Liskula Cohen vs. Rosemary Port– It’s a Skank-off! For those who haven’t heard the backstory, here’s a quick catch-up.  Earlier this year, an anonymous blogger called fashion model Liskula Cohen a “skank” on a Google-hosted blog.  Last week, Cohen sued Google, asking to reveal the identity of said blogger.  Google complied, revealing the blogger to be one Rosemary Port.  Port is now suing Google for $15M for “breaching its fiduciary duty to protect her expectation of anonymity”.  But there’s one more thing which we noticed this morning.  Rosemary Port is hot.  All kinds of hot.  This led us to embark on the first ever StyleCrave Skank-off:  who’s hotter, Liskula Cohen or Ms. Rosemary Port?  Hit the jump for a closer look at these lovely litigious ladies…  and to cast your vote.

Liskula Cohen Gallery

liskula-cohen liskula-cohen-2 liskula-cohen-3

Rosemary Port Gallery

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Who's Hotter? Liskula Cohen or Rosemary Port?

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