Les Paul: 1915 – 2009 | Musician, inventor and visionary Les Paul died today at 94 years old.  Les Paul was among the principles of Rock and Roll and the inventor of the solid-body electric guitar that carried his namesake.  The Les Paul guitar has been the instrument of choice for countless musicians far too numerous to name.  Beyond his work with guitars, Les Paul was a driving force in the invention of modern multitrack recording, having experimented with an overdubbing process that would change the way music was recorded.  While most non-musicians may not be aware of his influence on the creation and evolution of music, they’ve certainly witnessed his handiwork.

The Les Paul guitar is ubiquitous in the world of rock and roll, remaining among the most popular guitars sold in the world today.  It’s appearance has shaped the style of rock and roll since it’s early days, still shining in the hands of today’s up-and-coming musicians.  It’s inventor had a profound influence on the instrumentation, the recording and the visual style of music.  Today, August 13th, the world lost a man that influenced the way we play, record and see our music.  Les Paul will be missed.