Bugatti D

Bugatti Grand Sport: 2009′s Top Convertible – Our loyal readers will recognize the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport from a couple of months ago. However, as we get into the latter part of the summer, we got to thinking about what defines our most-coveted summer ride. A few things popped. A drop top is essential. The ability to blow every other single car off the road–whether that road is Interstate 80 or the Autobahn–is also a must. The uncanny power to get you laid with no questions asked, possibly without ever leaving the car, really rounds out our essentials. The Veyron Grand Sport brings all that. It also brings some X-factors like 1001 HP from a massive 16-cylinder engine, crazy 253-MPH top speed that requires a separate key to access and limited 150-model production run. In other words, it’s earned more than one look. Enjoy a little tour of this beauty in the gallery below.