Almost as if to make up for the clear misjudgment that was the Mirage GT Gold Edition, Gemballa brings us the Mirage GT Matte Edition. Looking purely sinister, the matte black theme of the car is broken only by a few subtle silver accents, cherry red taillights and contrastingly-bright headlamps glaring out at the observer like eyes of a mountain lion deep in the pitch black wild. Whether peeling toward the border on a midnight drug run or simply cruising to your local Citgo for a late night fill-up, the Matte Edition exudes an ominous sense of inescapable danger. Performance-wise, the GT Matte boasts the same numbers as the GT Gold and GT Carbon before it–670 HP, 0 to 6o in 3.7 and 208 top speed. Outside of the unfortunate bright blue alcantara interior, the visuals are pure upgrade, though. [via AutoBlog]