Shelby Daytona Coupe MKII 3

Shelby has decided to throw dedicated collectors with a lighter wallet a bit of love with this CSX 9000 Daytona Cobra Coupe MKII. While one of six original Daytona Coupes is expected to fetch over $7 million at auction later this month, this modernized version of the legendary Coupe will set you back a mere $89K. Of course, you’ll need to save some cash to add your desired engine and transmission, if you’d like it to go anywhere. While it doesn’t quite bring the esteem or history of the original, it certainly has the distinct, sporty look. It also receives a CSX 9000 series chassis number and place in the Shelby World Registry. Performance updates include improved cooling, modified air intakes behind the rear windows and improved suspension. Adding a touch of modern comfort to the timeless styling, the MKII includes a larger interior, external door handles and power windows. Shelby is producing just two per month and orders can be placed on their website.  [via AutoBlog]