Saleen 435S

Saleen’s first release since the company was purchased, the 2010 Saleen 435S Mustang features a 4.6-liter V8 with Saleen Series VI twin-screw supercharger and two-stage intercooler that provides 435 horspower and 425 lb-ft of torque–the Saleen bests its classmate Rousch 427R by 25 pounds of torque. The car is lowered by an inch and a half using Saleen Racecraft suspension. Aesthetically the 435S is largely stock with minor tweaks including new wheels, mesh-c0vered fog lamps and Saleen’s signature, demonstrating the new Saleen’s focus on “go” over “show”.  Lightweight chin splitter and spoiler are available in an optional Aero Package. No pricing information was yet released other than this quote from CEO Mike Shields: “In these difficult economic times we wanted our first vehicle to deliver a lot for an affordable price.” [via Jalopnik]