Platune Sand-X Mobile 2

If the adrenaline junkies won’t appreciate a classic ride on a camel under the sun’s heat, they’d sure enjoy a terrific sand dune racer to attack the desert. Built by European-based luxury vehicle design Platune together with Swiss sand experts at Sand-X, the Platune-Sand-X mobile is meant as the safest, fastest, and most powerful ATV ever built. Looking like an angry tiger ready to pounce its prey, the sandmobile has a low center of gravity, features giant front tires and a rear track, and hides a 800cc Rotax Power T.E.K two-stroke parallel-twin engine that outputs 151bhp. Powerful enough to reach 100km/h in only 2.8 seconds, we can only wonder how much longer till the sheiks get their hands on one … [via HFLM]